Friday, 16 December 2011


It is indeed very pleasing to see the great SCIENTIFIC temper brewing in some of the YOUNGSTERS whom I have been coming across these days.

They seem to be spending sleepless nights and tense days, "BRAINSTORMING" within a group, outside a group, while in the canteen, in the shade of trees, while on a conference call, while in the city bus or share-auto, while on holiday in Goa or Kanyakumari or Sivakasi, or while celebrating the birthday of a friend, while chatting, at noon, at midnight, sending SMS abt the proposed tile of their final year project. They seem to be totally oblivious of the of their parents and siblings and their surroundings while at home. They are thinking only abt  (or the fear of) their project .

These budding scientists ARE the FUTURE of India. They seem  to be flowing with bright, new and innovative ideas.

Looks like they have some great sources of inspiration; possibly some great SCIENTISTS whom they have come across or whom they have adopted as ROLE MODELS.

Kudos to those ROLE MODELS and these BUDDING SCIENTISTS.


  1. sir, we definitely are humbled!!

    We may be budding scientists, but there are no ROLE MODELS!!

    Jus one ROLE MODEL can we think of!!;)

  2. Yes sir.. Just one role model always!;)